Bigshot Drinks

Alcoholic drinks powered by content marketing


Live Bold!

Bigshot Drinks is an alcoholic brewed beverage with a selected range of flavours that is proudly Australian made and operated. Whether it’s Friday night pre-drinks with friends, a lazy Sunday session in the sun, or an impromptu get together at your place, you’ll always have a great time with a chilled Bigshot in hand.


Stand out from the crowd

To better position Bigshot Drinks in the competitive alcoholic mixed drinks market, Looplabs crafted an entire business strategy beginning with brand identity, a new website, and social media engagement.

Our strategy was to differentiate Bigshot from the competition on the already full bottle shop shelves. This resulted in a bold and edgy brand identity with emphasis on their point of difference; being, high alcohol volume per can. Bigshot combines bright colours complimented by black. Looplabs achieved a brand identity that reflects Bigshot's mission statement: 'to stand out from the crowd'.

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